Audio Codec - DIY MP3


Hi if you haven’t watched the demo video, feel free to play this short clip below to see what it’s capable of.


Using AMB23 (RTL8722DM_MINI) board to DIY an MP3 Player. The platform is Arduino IDE. Storage is Micro SD card and supports mp3 files. Using a battery to power the system. There are two optional features, wireless charge, and LCD control panel (touch screen is possiable).


  1. AMB23 (RTL8722DM MINI) dev board x1

  2. Micro SD card x1

  3. A speaker / earphone x1

Connection is simple, just insert Micro SD card into adaptor and speaker into jack.

Function Flow

Please refer to the hackaday link. (


Please refer to the GitHub link. (


This project is not as perfect as it is and can be updated with many great ideas. Such as, wireless charging, smart voice dontrol and so on. So if anyone is interested just go to my Hackaday, YouTube or GitHub channel to discuss or leave a meassage to me. I am happy to get some great ideas and make it come true. BTW if you realy like my work, please give a like at any of the 3 channels (Hackaday, YouTube or GitHub). Happy coding.