[RTL8722CSM] [RTL8722DM] Timer - Periodical timer


  • AmebaD[AMB21 / AMB22] x 1


There are 3 sets of general timers available to user, each at 32KHz, they are timer 1/2/3. Here we use timer 1 as example to demonstrate how a periodical timer works.

Copy and paste the first 3 lines of code into REPL to see its effect.

1from machine import Timer
2t = Timer(1) # Use Timer 1/2/3 only
3t.start(2000000, t.PERIODICAL) # Set GTimer fired periodically at duration of 2 seconds, printing text on the terminal
4# To stop the periodical timer, type
A text of –timer triggered. to stop: type t.stop()– will be printed on the terminal every 2 seconds.
To stop the timer, simply type t.stop().