E-Paper - Display Text


  • AmebaD [AMB21 / AMB22 / AMB23 / BW16] x 1

  • Waveshare 2.9inch e-Paper HAT (D) x 1


In this example, we use the Ameba RTL8722 module connects to a Waveshare 2.9inch e-Paper module to display a few QR codes. The display uses the flexible substrate as a base plate, with an interface and a reference system design.

The 2.9” active area contains 296×128 pixels and has 1-bit white/black full display capabilities. An integrated circuit contains gate buffer, source buffer, interface, timing control logic, oscillator, etc… are supplied with each panel.

You may refer to the official 2.9inch e-Paper HAT (D) datasheet to know more information about this module.

Front view of the e-Paper Module:


AMB21 / AMB22 Wiring Diagram:

../../../../_images/image243.png ../../../../_images/image329.png

AMB23 Wiring Diagram:

../../../../_images/image2-11.png ../../../../_images/image3-11.png

BW16 Wiring Diagram:

../../../../_images/image2-21.png ../../../../_images/image3-21.png

BW16-TypeC Wiring Diagram:


Download the Eink zip library, AmebaEink.zip, at https://github.com/ambiot/tree/master/Arduino_zip_libraries Then install the AmebaEink.zip. Open the “DisplayQR” example in “File” “Examples” “AmebaEink” “EinkDisplayText”:


Upload the code to the board and press the Reset button after the uploading is done. You will find these texts displayed on the board:


Code Reference

[1] We use Good Display GDEH029A1 2.9 Inch / 296×128 Resolution / Partial Refresh Arduino Sample Code to get the e-Paper successfully Display: http://www.good-display.com/product/201.html